Case Study

Andrews Chiller Hire preserves output at anaerobic digestion plant

In the modern day, more and more companies are looking at biogas as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional power sources. This gradual shift has led to the opening of more anaerobic digestion plants across the country, and as such Andrews Chillers have become increasingly involved with overseeing projects on these applications.

Temperature control is extremely important in such facilities and once sludge is pasteurised and heated to around 70°C, it needs to be cooled quickly to ensure it doesn’t damage pumps during transportation.

This requirement meant that we were asked to provide suitable equipment within a quick turnaround time in order to keep the plant operating at full capacity.

Our solution was to supply a 100kW chiller, 150kW air handler and a 100kW plate heat exchanger installed and commissioned within hours of receiving the enquiry. The cooling system we recommended was so successful that our client went on to request we install exactly the same equipment on their two other sites.

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