Case Study

Lincolnshire hospital kept operational thanks to Andrews’ boiler hire

As far as hospitals are concerned, there is no ideal opportunity or timeframe in which to carry out HVAC maintenance or similar. A boiler breaking down unexpectedly is therefore extremely unwelcome but when these things do happen, it’s important that you seek assistance from experts capable of overseeing this necessary transition.

This was the precise scenario a well-known Lincolnshire hospital found themselves in when their boiler arrangement required upgrading. A supplementary system was required to be in place between the original kit being taken offline and replaced, with the client estimating this could take up to 12 weeks.

Having ascertained the heating and hot water requirements of the affected facility, Andrews Boilers proposed the installation of a 500kW unit which was connected to the customer’s existing pipework. This temporary boiler hire was the perfect solution to a problem that could have otherwise affected equipment sterilization, cleaning, cooking and other essential tasks.

By taking the time to understand our client’s specific requirements, we were able to provide a short-term arrangement befitting of their application without causing any knock-on effects to the hospital’s day-to-day operations.

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