Case Study

Andrews Boilers ensure prisoner relocation effort is avoided

As with all forms of temporary accommodation, prison cells are subjected to stringent health and safety regulations with direct repercussions if anticipated standards are not maintained. Legislation set out by the Prison Service Instruction sets out the required arrangements for this particular field and this helps ensure living conditions are scrutinised to a certain degree.

These minimum expectations unsurprisingly extend to the provision of hot water and heating which, if absent, can cause the obligatory relocation of however many inmates are housed in a particular facility.

A pre-winter inspection of a Midlands jail found that a total of seven boilers were deemed unsuitable for further use after failing gas services during a test. This therefore rendered them potentially dangerous and meant alternative units were needed immediately. Failure to provide heating and hot water amenities would not only necessitate the transfer of almost 500 prisoners, but would be logistically impossible.

Our swift response was absolutely imperative, with much of the current system no longer fit for purpose. To counteract the issue, we delivered and connected a total of seven new boilers – two 100kW models and five 500kW units – along with fuel tanks, hosing, cables and other accessories. This hire package was quickly implemented due to the project’s urgency and once commissioned played a pivotal role in keeping the entire prison operational.

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