Case Study

Andrews Boilers assist leading UK university

Having provided schools, universities and similar institutions with boiler services and temporary equipment over a number of years, we are now firmly established as the first port of call when requirements arise in the educational sector.

Our market-leading position was once again reinforced when one of the country’s top universities – based in the East Midlands area – approached Andrews Boilers in search of a solution. An existing district heating system was failing to keep water at a desirable temperature, meaning replacement equipment was urgently needed on site.

Following a thorough site survey conducted by a regional specialist, it was decided that a 500kW boiler would provide enough heating and hot water to adequately cater for a large accommodation block. The 1,200 students on site were faced with the prospect of being without vital hot water supplies and as such would have needed to have been relocated – at great expense to the authorities responsible for pastoral wellbeing.

The unit we provided came complete with a fuel tank and temporary connection hoses and was commissioned for use within hours of our arrival. A short turnaround time therefore meant that those living in halls of residence faced minimal intrusion, with long-term disruption thankfully avoided.

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