Case Study

Andrews Air Conditioning keep football broadcaster operational

Computers and telecommunication systems are vital to the smooth running of many businesses, but this is particularly pertinent in the broadcasting industry. If equipment breaks down unexpectedly during a live airing, the consequences can be disastrous for a broadcaster’s reputation going forward.

So when one of our clients within the sector sought temporary air conditioning to protect its servers while covering a live football match, we acted quickly to ensure everything ran smoothly. The initial enquiry came through at 3pm – just five hours before kick-off – but we had a portable unit installed and fully-functional less than two hours later.

It was decided that a single ET21 portable model would suitably cool delicate electronics throughout the transmission, with its near-silent operation also allowing employees to work without distraction.

Our quick response offered the customer much-needed peace of mind and demonstrated our ability to overcome urgent problems at short notice. Our swift service was therefore very well-received, and the unit we provided prevented temperatures from rising to dangerous levels.

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