Case Study

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire provides emergency cooling solution for Gatwick airport

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was recently contacted to provide a temporary cooling solution for one of Gatwick Airport’s airside workshops and office blocks during a major refurbishment project. The requirement surfaced during the replacement of the client’s existing cooling system, meaning our equipment was needed urgently.

Our customer was unsure about what would be the best way to retain a reliable means for providing complete climate control, prompting a visit from our specialist team. An Andrews technician was sent to site to conduct a survey of the premises and propose an effective cooling solution that could rapidly bring the indoor temperatures down.

Our experts proposed and agreed on a HPAC90 large volume air conditioning unit, which they positioned on the ground floor of the building, temporary ducting was then used to connect our unit to the existing ductwork system.

The client in question was extremely impressed with the hired air conditioning equipment recommended by our experts, which produced huge volumes of cooled fresh air while their air conditioning system was replaced. The rental unit remained on site until the renovation was complete, helping to reduce overall temperatures in the workshop’s engineering bays and adjacent office to ensure all staff members remained comfortable.

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