Case Study

Retail store kept cool by Andrews Air Conditioning during UK heatwave

A well-known retailer was in search of an emergency cooling solution for their flagship store in Oldham following the arrival of some blisteringly hot weather. As a result, our air conditioning specialists were drafted in to recommend a suitable cooling solution to help reduce temperatures on site.

The client’s retail store was located in an old mill which was devoid of any openings, meaning the shop itself was poorly ventilated and prone to overheating during the summer. Following the completion of a site survey, our experts proposed a tailored air conditioning hire package comprising of two Cyclone DX evaporative coolers.

The units in question were deemed most suitable because of their ability to produce significant airflows and reduce temperatures without requiring an open space to duct out the hot air – rendering them perfect in this instance.

The discreet cooling system we proposed was quickly installed by our experts and proved extremely successful in combatting high temperatures within the store. Our client was very pleased with the outcome and our ability to devise a solution that could operate successfully on their shop floor.

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