Case Study

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire keep leading blood and transplantation service functional

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire were recently contacted by one of the UK’s leading blood and transplantation services after their centre experienced a chiller breakdown.

The company in question manage the donation, storage and transplantation of blood, organs, tissues, bone marrow and stems cells. It is absolutely imperative that blood is stored correctly to prevent the blood from expiring and because of this, an emergency cooling solution was needed to bring temperatures below 20 °C.

Our specialists conducted a contingency survey approximately one year ago, to ensure we were prepared in the event of such a failure. The hire package that was then deployed consisted of eight PACC 22 air conditioning units, and these were delivered to site the same day ahead of installation.

The equipment was originally required only until the client’s ageing chiller had been repaired, but the customer was extremely pleased with the functionality of the equipment that they kept four temporary units on standby even after the issue was resolved.

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