Case Study

Andrews Air Conditioning cool healthcare facility kitchen

In a healthcare environment, where people are already unwell, it is absolutely imperative that patients’ food is stored correctly to prevent them suffering any further illness. Rising temperatures in Scotland had caused an Edinburgh hospital some difficulties in this regard, and so emergency cooling equipment was needed to ensure frozen goods remained safe for consumption.

The holding area was beginning to overheat as a result of the hot air produced by an adjacent kitchen, so the customer contacted Andrews Air Conditioning to provide a solution that would successfully overcome this issue.

A local expert based in the area was therefore sent to site to conduct an assessment of the premises, deciding that the best course of action was to recommend the hire of two PAC22 split-type air conditioners. The exterior Heat Exchangers were then stationed on the roof and connected to the indoor units, due to space constraints on the ground floor.

Despite our client approaching us with a very limited budget, we were able to provide a cost effective solution that would counteract soaring temperatures in delicate surroundings. These are scheduled to remain on hire for the duration of summer and have so far proved extremely effective in maintaining conditions at a desirable level.

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