Case Study

Andrews Air Conditioning aid successful broadcast of James Bond Spectre premiere

With the new James Bond movie now hitting cinema screens across the UK, box office predictions have tipped the film to gross close to $1billion by the end of 2015. It is of no surprise, then, that the premiere for Spectre at the Royal Albert Hall was attended by a seemingly endless list of celebrities that even extended to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

All were present to witness the debut broadcast in London, leaving no room for error from a transmission perspective. Organisers were naturally keen for the event to be a resounding success and so every logistical factor was thoroughly considered beforehand – including cooling of the projector room. Should vital electronics or servers overheat on the night, consequences would likely include a complete inability to show the film.

It was therefore absolutely crucial that all cinematic equipment was kept cool throughout, thus making it necessary to hire supplementary air conditioning as a matter of priority.

An experienced Andrews technician conducted an assessment of the target application to ensure appropriate steps were taken at the first time of asking. This assessment revealed that the projector room was in fact two converted seating boxes, and this knowledge allowed us to recommend a solution based on unique specifications. We then proposed deploying two PAC22 portable units and a Polar Wind model on site, providing a combined cooling duty of almost 20kW.

The installation took place outside normal working hours to ensure our temporary arrangement was working properly ahead of the premiere. This air conditioning hire package worked perfectly and helped keep critical technology online during the launch of a universally popular film title that has already broken UK box office records.

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