Case Study

Air purification system protects the well-being of Post Office staff

It has been well documented that facilities management companies are having to go the extra mile to keep their clients safe, with COVID directly responsible for big changes in most industries. A focus towards improving ventilation and increasing air changes within confined spaces has caused a significant upsurge in demand for equipment that can implement these safer conditions – something that Andrews has witnessed first-hand.

An FM services provider responsible for a Cambridgeshire Post Office and sorting depot recently got in touch with us and asked us to recommend some units that could improve the working environment for staff.

Initially, our customer had opted to simply keep windows and doors open to enhance the circulation of fresh air. Extremely low seasonal temperatures rendered this solution impractical, however, with the affected areas becoming too cold for those inside.

Our proposal was to install two AP103 Air Purifiers within the premises, enabling all openings to be shut and thus retain the warmth inside the building. These units are suitable for a broad spectrum of enclosed spaces, trapping and neutralising dangerous contaminants within a built-in reactor chamber to create an immediate and noticeable improvement in air quality. Our Air Purifiers are effective in reducing the likelihood of airborne virus transmission between two people and are particularly popular in offices, schools and public buildings.

The equipment was delivered to site from our Peterborough depot less than 24 hours after the issue was brought to our attention, with the expectation that they will remain on hire until at least the spring. Despite the relative simplicity of the solution, we have received an update from the client commending us for the equipment which has effectively tackled two separate problems now that all windows can be kept closed.

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