Case Study

Air purification system makes office environment safer for staff

In the current times, businesses are going to greater lengths to improve the indoor air quality of their premises wherever possible. It is widely accepted that air quality can have a significant impact on the health and performance of employees, with companies now actively taking precautions to intercept everyday pollutants and reduce the risk of virus transmission.

With air quality already becoming a prominent area for consideration within many companies, it is perhaps unsurprising that Andrews has received a large number of enquiries in relation to our recently launched air purification system.

A leading London-based marketing agency contacted us and asked us to provide some equipment capable of enhancing conditions within their office. Our client specifically cited COVID-19 as an ongoing cause for concern and approached us in search of an air purifier hire solution that would drastically lessen the chances of any airborne diseases being passed from one person to another.

The Andrews AP103 Air Purifier has been designed to provide clean, safe air to a range of applications by removing and neutralising harmful contaminants via a built-in reactor chamber. This product incorporates a two-tier filtration process capable of removing noxious gases, allergens and harmful particles.

Having assessed the dimensions of our customer’s office space, an Andrews expert proposed that a single AP103 unit be positioned in the centre of the room. Instantly operational once connected to a domestic power source, a single AP103 Air Purifier will significantly improve indoor air quality in environments of up to 100m².

Our air purification unit will remain on a long-term hire until at least the new year, with the customer already expressing approval at its effectiveness. The client even commented that their members of staff were much less reticent about returning to work due to the presence of our unit, which has provided a great deal of reassurance since the moment it arrived on site.

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