Case Study

Air conditioning hire keeps hospital ward cool during hot spell

When a high-profile hospital was in need of some urgent cooling equipment to reduce temperatures in their pathology department, our specialists were drafted in to provide a temporary cooling hire solution. This was needed with immediate effect, to ensure the correct environment was maintained to protect important medical equipment, meaning a quick response was essential.

Due to the increased quantity of equipment recently installed within the hospital in recent years, everyday temperatures within the area had noticeably increased. This very fact left their highly sensitive equipment in danger of malfunctioning, which could have potentially cost the hospital thousands of pounds.

After discussions, it was decided that three PAC 22 portable air conditioners would provide the necessary level of cooling to reduce temperatures on site. The rental units were placed directly inside the affected area to provide instant, high-powered cooling.

As a result, all electrical equipment remained online and fully functional throughout the time in which our portable air conditioners were on hire – to the benefit of dozens of people who were dependent on their availability.

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