Case Study

Air conditioning hire cools London hospital

When the estates team for a well-known South London hospital enquired about hiring a large number of temporary air conditioning units, our regional expert was on hand to advise. The client was looking to cool specific areas of the hospital building, with a particular focus on reducing temperatures inside a maternity ward and some of the individual rooms on the same floor.

It was crucial that we provided suitable equipment for the application without exceeding a very strict expenditure budget that was outlined to us at the point of contact. With this in mind, it was recommended that the customer hire 25 of our Polar Breeze portable air conditioning units. This solution would deliver a combined cooling capacity of approximately 65kW and ensure temperatures were maintained at a desirable level inside the identified locations.

This popular air conditioning model only needs one available domestic plug socket and access to an open window in order to operate, allowing it to be installed and functional within seconds of arriving on site. Their small, unobtrusive chassis enable deployment in tight areas which is a significant benefit when being used within a busy healthcare environment.

The customer committed to the proposed order that same day, with all kit delivered to site early the following morning. Our air
conditioning units were retained on hire for a total of 16 weeks and proved extremely effective in keeping conditions comfortable for hundreds of patients during that period.

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