Case Study

Air conditioning arrangement cools hardware at sewage treatment plant

Although it’s probably more common for us to provide pump hire solutions to the water and waste treatment sector, there are also many scenarios that necessitate the use of HVAC equipment. In any sewage treatment plant, aeration is critical to the overall process which means that all mechanical components must function properly to ensure the correct conditions.

This includes the air compressors, which, if not performing as expected, can cause bacteria within the system to die and hamper the effectiveness of the chamber itself.

These compressors operate continuously, which puts them at risk of overheating and eventually breaking down for good. With the intense summer weather only increasing the likelihood of a temperature-related malfunction, one of the country’s largest water companies contacted Andrews Air Conditioning in the hope that we could suppress the potential for a system failure.

Our regional specialist visited the site in East Anglia and concluded that a multi-unit air conditioning solution would address the issue described by the client. We installed four PAC 60s which faced the compressors to provide a constant source of cool air, with the four heat exchangers deployed external to the application.

While straightforward in terms of its configuration, our cooling hire package fulfilled a crucial role in keeping anaerobic digestors online at a time when downtime was greatly feared. By acting quickly, we maintained the availability of compressed air needed for supplying oxygen support to the processing of bacteria.

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