Case Study

Adapted boiler hire provides hot water for university accommodation

Prior to welcoming students back to campus, a leading international university in Wales undertook a number of routine maintenance procedures to ensure the premises was ready for the new semester. While carrying out this process, a scheduled plant assessment uncovered that one boiler unit was condemned and another very close to breaking down.

Fortunately, the issue was detected early enough to avoid any potential boiler-related emergency shutdowns and allow replacement equipment to be sourced and installed while the faulty units were repaired.

We were contacted by the client, who explained the required heating duty and the logistical challenges that our engineers would face once on site. Shortly after this initial discussion, an Andrews expert arrived at the university. There was a narrow tunnel at the entrance to the university plant room meaning that it was not possible to use a Hiab vehicle to lower a temporary boiler into the desired location.

Instead, our knowledgeable technician suggested that two 36kW electric boilers be manifolded together and connected onto the customer’s plate heat exchanger via 2” fittings. This boiler hire solution ticked all the boxes, delivering the necessary heating capacities while also circumventing access restrictions that prevented the use of a larger unit.

The client was delighted with the proficiency of our engineers, who had devised a short-term boiler arrangement that complied with various site parameters. In fact, the slender dimensions of our replacement system also provided the customer’s own plant engineers with more space to work with when overhauling the two identified defective boilers.

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