Case Study

Andrews Dehumidification Hire provide tailored drying solution

When one of the world’s largest independent cancer charities began building their new headquarters in Cambridgeshire, the project itself fell behind schedule. The primary issue centred around drying times, but Andrews Dehumidification were contacted and tasked with bringing the development back up to speed.

A local expert visited the site to conduct a free site survey before proposing a dehumidification hire package that would fulfil the needs of a major client. A tailored solution was recommended which included a single KT2000 desiccant dehumidifier rental package designed for drying buildings.

Our dehumidification specialists ensured the temporary drying solution maintained maximum effectiveness, producing the desired airflow of 2000m³/h. The unit was placed outside of the building with the dry air being ducted in to effectively speed up the drying process.

Without this dehumidification hire, the construction work would have exceeded time constraints. Our customer saved a considerable amount of time with our specialist dehumidifier hire package and was able to complete the project on time.

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