Case Study

Andrews provide ventilation hire for road improvement works

When a major construction company had been contracted to resurface one of London’s busiest roads, Andrews Ventilation Hire were required to ensure all appropriate safety measures were taken.

As part of the project, a range of industrial vehicles and substances were used which left the enclosed space polluted with highly toxic fumes. Our specialists were tasked with providing temporary ventilation for the affected area – removing air that had been contaminated by heavy-duty equipment used on site.

A local engineer surveyed the site and proposed a ventilation hire package consisting of six ASF950 extraction fans which were positioned along the road and used to force the fumes out through the entrance of the underpass.

Our customer was very pleased with the short-term ventilation system we recommended. The job was a complete success, with all rental fans proving to be extremely effective in extracting all hazardous gasses – maintaining a completely safe working environment for those working on site.

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