In the event of an accident:

– Don’t admit liability – if the other driver admits liability, write it down and ask him/her to sign it.
– Take as much detail as possible i.e. names, addresses and contact numbers of all people involved, including independent witnesses.
– Note the registration numbers and details of all the vehicles involved.
– Where possible, take photos or videos of the incident, including the location and anything else that may be relevant.
– If your vehicle is fitted with dash cam, please extract the information immediately. Please do so regardless of who may be at fault for the incident.
– CCTV – this is often available in car parks and more often on main roads and motorways. Please review the area to see if the incident could have been captured on camera.
– All vehicles report to the Arval Accident Management Team & your manager as soon as possible.

In the event of a breakdown:

– Make sure you keep yourself and passengers in a safe position whilst waiting for assistance, this may take a number of hours please be prepared.

Useful telephone numbers:

Arval – 0370 600 4499
Breakdown Assistance, Tyres, Service, MOT, Glass, Accidents including Body Damage, Vandalism & Theft.

Novuna – 0344 463 2900
Breakdown Assistance for Novuna trucks & Vans, Accidents, Tyres and Glass. Any accidents or incidents to Novuna vehicles should still be reported to arval accident management number.

Glass issues – Arval vehicles only (For Novuna trucks and vans use above number)
National Windscreens – 0808 530 0684
Quote :- Ref No :- BN 5116 and Account No:- 201562

Transport Dep’t – 0121 326 4852/59
Email – [email protected]