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Street Violence Ruins Lives

As Charlton Athletic FC sponsor, we were delighted to be included within the activities for Rob and Jimmy’s when Charlton played South London rivals Millwall FC early on in the 2013/2014 season. Each season when the two teams meet, they celebrate the lives of the young Charlton fan Rob Knox, and young Millwall fan Jimmy Mizen. Both of whom were tragically murdered in similar knife crimes in South London with only weeks between the crimes.

The Charlton Athletic Community Trust set up a campaign called Street Violence Ruins Lives in order to combat the increase in knife crime in south London. The parents of Rob Knox and Jimmy Mizen have also set up their own foundations in order to combat the increase of knife crime in memory of their late son’s.

Now whenever Charlton and Millwall meet, the three organisations work together to make Rob and Jimmy’s day a special event to raise awareness while remembering the lives of the two young men tragically murdered. Andrews Sykes sponsored and designed the shirts worn by Charlton and Millwall players before the game, as well as making a contribution to the three charities to help them continue their good work within the community.

With the Andrews Sykes Charlton Depot being located in South East London, a number of our staff follow either Charlton or Millwall. As part of our involvement in supporting the charities four of our staff members joined the families and members of both clubs on the pitch for the special occasion.

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