Industrial Heating Oil

Switch to Industrial Heating Oil today and watch your fuel costs plummet!

At Andrews Sykes, we now offer Industrial Heating Oil on all heater and boiler hires. Switching to heating oil can benefit businesses with greater efficiency, lower operating costs, and reliable warmth all winter long.

Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) is a cleaner, more efficient alternative for powering mechanised equipment and processes – equating to huge financial savings for customers. As well as being cheaper to purchase, IHO produces fewer emissions and burns more cleanly without the excessive sulphur content of red diesel.

As such, we are delighted to offer customers a new option that retains the physical properties of red diesel while being more efficient.

Examples: Real-world money-saving case studies

1. An FH4000 heater was used on a warehouse heating application, burning 38 litres of fuel per hour. The unit was running for 70 hours per week, equating to a weekly consumption of 2,600 litres which allowed the customer to save £4,788 over a four-week period.

This is based on the cost of white diesel fuel being £5,160 per week for the desired volume of fuel, which was just £3,963 for the equivalent quantity of Industrial Heating Oil – a percentage saving of almost 24%.

2. A school requiring a temporary 100kW boiler purely for hot water purposes was able to save thousands over the length of their three-month hire. The boiler ran for 40 hours weekly, burning an average of 12.5 litres of fuel per hour.

The weekly white diesel cost was £970 per week but using IHO (£745) saved more than £200 per week – or £2,700 in total. Again, the availability of Industrial Heating Oil meant our client’s fuel costs were more than 23% cheaper than if white diesel had been used instead.

3. On this occasion, a 500kW boiler was needed to provide a source of heating to a large hotel. The boiler ran for 50 hours a week and burnt an average of 42 litres per hour, meaning it would have cost just over £4,000 a week to operate on white diesel every single week.

By swapping for IHO, the customer was able to save almost £1,000 per week on fuel, or £3,780 over a four-week period.

4. One of our clients in the construction sector sought an FH111 heating unit to accelerate a floor drying application. Burning almost 11 litres of fuel per hour for 120 hours a week rendered reduced fuel costs a necessity, as more than 1,300 litres of fuel were required every seven days.

By using IHO (£1,949 per week) instead of traditional white diesel (almost £2,600 per week), the customer was able to achieve a total saving of £2,354 during their four-week hire. In this instance, the fuel saving achieved was actually £1,000 more than the total cost of hiring the FH111 itself – perfectly illustrating the benefits of Industrial Heating Oil.


Why should I use Industrial Heating Oil?

Higher Efficiency

Heating oil boilers can reach over 90% efficiency, converting more fuel to usable heat. This requires less oil to heat your space

Lower Viscosity

The thinner viscosity of heating oil allows it to burn more slowly, providing greater value for money to end users.

Clean Burning

Light in colour, sediment-free and less odorous than many other fuel types, IHO produces up to 50% fewer acidic flue gas emissions when compared to traditional diesel.

Long-Term Storage Stability

The use of additives helps minimise the build-up of carbon deposits and sludge presence inside tanks, stabilising the fuel for extensive periods.

Lower BTU Output

With around 135,000 BTUs per gallon, heating oil produces less heat per volume than other liquid fuels. This enables better temperature control.


Heating oil typically costs less per BTU compared to electricity, propane, and diesel. This makes it an affordable heating option.

Reliable Supply

Heating oil is readily available across all locations, guaranteeing customers a constant supply whenever they need it.

Industrial Heating Oil services from Andrews Sykes

When you hire a heater or boiler from Andrews Sykes, you now have the option of using Industrial Heating Oil:

Hassle-Free Fuelling – We’ll handle all fuelling logistics, delivery, and supplies. No need to worry about running low.

Professional Maintenance – Our technicians properly service oil-fired units to keep them running smoothly all season.

Convenient Delivery Times – Heating oil delivery and tank rental will be tailored to suit your needs, with comprehensive remote monitoring also offered as part of our fuel management service.

Get a custom quote for Industrial Heating Oil

See if heating oil is right for your requirement. Our team provides free quotes with no obligation to hire. Reach out today to:

  • Review your space heating requirements
  • Compare fuel options and costs
  • Get a personalised recommendation

Don’t endure a chilly winter with an outdated system. Discover the benefits of efficient heating oil for all your seasonal heating needs. Request a free quote today!


What are the benefits of heating oil?

Heating oil offers higher efficiency, lower viscosity, cost savings, reliable supply, and better temperature control compared to other heating fuels.

What equipment can use heating oil?

At Andrews Sykes, heating oil is available on all boiler and heater hires. Unfortunately, this type of fuel is not compatible with our pumps.

How is heating oil delivered?

Our team will handle heating oil delivery, coordinating convenient times for filling your tank or existing oil storage on-site. For more information on this service, please consult our dedicated fuel management page.

Is heating oil cheaper than propane or electricity?

In most cases, heating oil costs less per BTU of heat energy produced than propane or electric heating. Contact us for a detailed cost comparison.

How do I know if I require heating oil?

Our team will assess your space heating needs, fuel type capabilities, and make expert recommendations on the best unit and fuel options for your business.