Boiler Features

At Andrews Boiler Hire, we have the largest range of mobile and packaged boilers available for rent in the UK. All boilers within our hire fleet are uniquely designed and supply thermostatically controlled hot water for both central heating plants and domestic uses – including showers, wash areas and process applications.

Our units are supplied with twin heat exchangers, circulating pump sets and variable speed flow and return pump sets – giving independent temperature control. They are therefore suitable for a multitude of applications, providing central heating hot water, domestic hot water or process hot water. Revered for their efficiency, all Andrews boilers feature a two stage burner that reduces fuel usage by up to 50% more than units offered by other suppliers. Our boilers can even deliver large volumes of warm air for space heating when connected to our air handlers.

All boilers in our fleet are capable of running on both natural gas and diesel oil, guaranteeing the user low emissions and cost-efficient operation. They can provide heating and hot water simultaneously – and at different temperatures – unlike a number of models available elsewhere. In-line filters ensure that fluids passing through the boiler are routinely cleaned, reducing the likelihood of system blockages.

When water temperature rises, the volume of solution also expands which means modern boiler systems must be able to handle any increase in pressure. That’s why all units within our fleet are fitted with expansion tanks which enable the boiler to function at full capacity without any risk of pipework bursting.

A lockable, vandal-proof container protects the boiler from theft and damage while on site, while forklift pockets aid manoeuvrability in situations where positioning the unit is difficult.

Unlike other hire companies, we guarantee to provide customers with genuine 24/7 coverage all year round. Our regional technicians will recommend the best course of action for your particular circumstances and arrange swift delivery at a time convenient to you.

For more than half a century, Andrews Boiler Hire has been the country’s leading specialist provider of process and hot water generation. We take pride in providing you with the very best heating solutions to eradicate the risk of disruption whilst ensuring your staff and customers benefit from desirable conditions.

Our dedicated experts will go through your requirements quickly and professionally and ensure that the best boiler hire unit will be delivered to you instantly. Our specialist knowledge and experience of a broad spectrum of industries allows us to provide you with the very latest environmentally friendly boiler hire units – with price competitive proposals tailored to suit your needs.

pressure gauge on a boiler

Why choose us?

Choose us for unparalleled expertise and exceptional service.
Nationwide coverage
Our expansive depot network ensures our clients benefit from genuine nationwide coverage, meaning even the most remote locations can be accommodated with minimal fuss.
Same & Next Day Delivery
With engineers and operations teams on standby at all times, we are able to guarantee equipment is delivered efficiently and promptly.
24-Hour Service
As the UK’s leading specialist hire company, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with 24-hour nationwide coverage including a dedicated out-of-hours service that operates 365 days a year.
Worldwide Locations
Andrews Sykes has a global presence, boasting an extensive network of offices and branches in numerous countries across the world.