Blog3 April 2012

You Know How Valuable Your Air Conditioning Is. So Do They!

The price of metals such as copper has increased considerably in recent times. That also increases the scrap value of anything containing copper – your air conditioning for instance. Air conditioners and their associated pipework contain lots of copper, making them particularly vulnerable to thieves. If thieves do strike you’ll be left with the costs of replacing the equipment, the refrigerant and, most importantly of all, the disruption to your premises or business.

‘’That’s why Andrews Air Conditioning Services helps you to protect yourself with a wide range of added-value security devices including anti-tamper alarms, condenser protection cages, pipework covers and non-copper pipework’’, says Tom Kelley, National Service Manager at Andrews Air Conditioning Services.

Discover how to protect your valuables by calling Andrews Air Conditioning Services for a free, no obligation Security Survey.

Condenser Cage