Blog30 July 2014

Worldwide heat map – is it really that hot where you are?

With temperatures across the UK expected to remain in the high twenties throughout August, you could be forgiven for thinking current conditions are among the hottest in the world. The London heatwave shows no sign of subsiding, while Edinburgh and other cities north of the border have experienced regular intervals of mid-20°C heat!

Further afield though, and the weather has actually been significantly warmer at various places around the world. North Africa, for example, has frequently been exposed to in excess of 40°C temperatures, with much of the Middle East reaching similar heights.

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we have produced an interactive heat map in an attempt to monitor and display the hottest places on Earth. As well as revealing the current temperature of countries in both hemispheres, we have also trawled the record books to find the highest temperatures ever documented in each continent. You may be surprised to learn that in 1977, the people of Athens in Greece endured frankly unbearable 48°C temperatures – the highest ever recorded in mainland Europe.

Although we won’t have to endure warmth on that scale, the Met Office has issued several health warnings, with “tropical” conditions expected to linger for the coming weeks.

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