Blog17 March 2015

World’s first 3D-printed air conditioner sold in China

Having recently been credited with creating the first ever house built solely from 3D printers, China has been pushing the boundaries of possibility even further since the turn of the year. And when it comes to fashioning new intuitively designed products, there is little doubt that the world’s most populated nation leads the way.

There were still a few raised eyebrows, however, when a fully-operational 3D printed air conditioner was launched by a Chinese electronics company. Despite arguments from some quarters about the concept’s originality, this marks a major development in the climate control industry due to the possibility of unrestricted customisation.

From appearance and size to functionality and power settings, the unique features of the item in question was enough for one buyer to part with approximately £4,500 in exchange for a slice of breakthrough equipment.

It remains to be seen just whether sufficient demand exists for such a product, but the very fact it may now be readily available substantiates the suggestion that our sector is forever adapting to technological advancements.