Blog23 March 2023

World-famous brewery avoids hangover thanks to bespoke chiller replacement

Many companies are capable of providing high capacity chillers when requested by a customer, but only a small percentage can offer an intricately tailored solution that meets truly unique specifications.

For the last decade, Andrews Sykes has established a strong relationship with one of the world’s most well-regarded breweries – and it’s flourished simply because of the high level of service we provide.

We understand the client, we understand their needs, and we’ll go above and beyond expectations to ensure every facet of the project has been methodically considered.

In our most recent dealings with the brewery in question, we were asked to assist with the planned shutdown of their processing plant.

Although at full capacity the site can operate a cooling line of up to 7 megawatts, this output is generally around the 4 megawatt mark between the winter and spring season.

This meant a total of six 750kW chillers were required to replace the absent duty, and these units were delivered to site two weeks ahead of the anticipated shutdown.

By arranging for kit to arrive on site well in advance, we were able to complete the installation, commission the entire system and then test its effectiveness gradually.

Once our chillers were online and superseding the client’s own, they were able to take the gas out of their units, remove heat exchangers, and undertake a number of other essential tasks that comprised a much broader maintenance procedure.

Thanks to winning the trust of the customer off the back of many previously successful hires, there was no real trepidation on their side.

Our experts have proven themselves on countless occasions, but that doesn’t make the project itself any less perilous.

In fact, to paraphrase the job’s senior engineer slightly, ‘if Andrews Sykes fails, the brewery fails’ – and that would be unthinkable.

But what would ‘failure’ look like? Well, from their perspective: an interrupted processing plant, reduced output, and, ultimately, less revenue.

We’re proud to confirm that production was maintained to its usual quotas and didn’t drop off even during the time in which the chillers were being changed over, so it wouldn’t be an overstatement to suggest the entire assignment ran perfectly.

Speaking afterwards, Matt Stapley, Technical Director for HVAC, said: “While other suppliers might have felt daunted by the prospect of handling such a high-stakes project, Andrews Sykes rose to the challenge once again and implemented a solution that functioned flawlessly during a potentially volatile six-week period.

“What makes it even more satisfying is the fact our contact admitted to feeling reassured the moment we arrived on site, with no follow-up visits needed upon the installation’s completion.

“That shows the value of getting things right first time – something we probably don’t give ourselves enough credit for – because everything ran seamlessly from delivery to off-hire.”

Thanks to us, you could say the brewery’s business is ale-live and kicking!