Blog27 June 2011

World Champions of Climate Control

As the excitement builds to the hugely anticipated fight this coming Saturday, David Haye left his UK training base on Sunday to travel to Germany and finalise his preparations for the biggest fight of his life. Andrews are proud to have contributed to the build up by supplying the climate control equipment that kept the training conditions perfect at his gym, which is in a secret location in England.

David’s manager, Adam Booth, said “The details are all important when preparing for something this important. Not having to worry about the temperature and humidity of the the gym in a country renowned for unreliable weather conditions was a major help to us. I’m not surprised that Andrews are number 1 at what they do.

” Every boxing fan in the country will be cheering David on when the first bell goes on Saturday but you can be sure there will be some extra cheering coming from all the employees of Andrews Sykes.