Blog20 April 2023

Working towards a more sustainable Sykes

As we celebrate Earth Week, it’s important to consider sustainable solutions when enquiring about a pump from our customer service team. At Andrews Sykes, we offer a range of eco-friendly options to help protect our planet and your budget.

Consider telemetry systems

As industry leaders, we have been using telemetry systems for years – and we’ve recently upgraded our remote monitoring equipment to allow customers to troubleshoot issues remotely. This accessory provides live feedback on key information, such as fuel levels and efficiency, eliminating unnecessary trips and limiting energy consumption.

Opt for a drip tray

Did you know that Earth Day began in response to a massive oil spill in California in 1969? Oil spills can cause significant financial losses due to the cost of cleaning up the spill, as well as property damage expenses. The clean-up process can involve enlisting third-party services, purchasing absorbent materials, and disposing of contaminated waste, which can amount to thousands of pounds. Additionally, the environmental impact of oil spills can result in fines and penalties from regulatory agencies, further increasing the cost. By using a drip tray, end-users can prevent environmental damage, protect other equipment on-site, comply with EPA regulations and other codes of practice, and minimise the risk of slip-related accidents.

Thousands of Stage V pumps

Using Stage V pumps is another way to be proactive in reducing harmful emissions. With Tier V regulations exceeding previous European standards, it’s crucial to remain on the front foot and invest in equipment that meets these directives while maintaining the excellent performance output that our equipment is known for.

Widening our range of electric products

We offer a wide range of electric products and have invested in this technology for years. Many of our clients are seeking electric boilers, heaters, and pumps due to fluctuating gas prices and perceived fuel scarcity. Our commitment to providing an eco-friendly hire fleet has led us to explore the viability of electric technologies further. Consequently, we offer dozens of modern submersible pumps, while capacities of up to 80kW can be achieved by a single boiler unit.

In essence, at Andrews Sykes, we take sustainability seriously and continuously analyse our environmental impact. We take steps to optimise resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate waste, consume renewable energies, and use sustainable materials wherever possible. Sustainability is a critical business approach that we embrace to ensure our longevity and improve everyone’s quality of life. In addition to our unrivalled heritage, we manufacture products that exceed modern-day legislation, underpinning a continued pledge to meet our ecological targets and responsibilities.