Blog24 July 2009

Who Knew Golf was so Cool?

The 2009 Open Championship was held at the breathtaking Turnberry course in Scotland this year.  The warm weather over the weekend presented the broadcasting companies covering the event with a particular challenge…….how to keep their presenters, guests and vital technical equipment cool and performing properly! This is where Andrews Air Conditioning came to the rescue!With the UK’s largest fleet of air conditioners, we were able to supply a range of cooling solutions to fit discreetly into a broadcast environment.On 9th July, Andrews Air Conditioning delivered 59 units, a combination of our popular Polar Wind and ET21 air conditioners, together with 6 ASF 50 large fans. These were installed into the cabins which had been put in place for the broadcasters and their teams, to cool the expensive equipment, video editing suites and studios.

Andrews Air Conditioning are very proud to have been a part of such a prestigious event for the third year running.  For more information, please visit

Turnberry Golf Resort - Ailsa Course, 6th Hole