Blog5 December 2022

What’s been happening in Europe this Month? (World Cup Edition)


In the UK, it is our social media channels that have been receiving the plaudits! Out of our amazing line-up, we have awarded the golden boot to our TikTok page – after recently going viral and hitting more than 100k views in one video! Click the hyperlinks below and make sure you follow us on all channels! We are on LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.


In Italy, our colleagues at Nolo Climat have finally let one of our newest players off the bench to make their debut. We are of course referring to our new submersible pumps, and it is with great delight that we announce that some of these are now out on hire! Quite fittingly, a sporting association needed to move water from one pond to another, prompting an enquiry and our first official pump order.


Despite Italy failing to qualify for this year’s World Cup, they have still been making assists in our squad! Nolo Climat sent a 500kW boiler to the Netherlands as part of a project involving a water light show at a Dutch amusement park. The aim was to prevent water in the pond from freezing so that the show could be enjoyed by visitors during the winter season. To save energy, the pond water will only be heated when the air temperature drops below 6C outside.

By deploying our very own VAR-like telemtry system, the site’s building management team will quickly be alerted to any on-field issues in the event of a breakdown. This means that our engineers can be swiftly contacted to many any necessary substitutions, although there has been no such requirement!


Andrews Climat Location has enjoyed some fruitful negotiations with a well-known French radio station, preceding the signing of a very lucrative contract. Our client’s server rooms were overheating despite falling ambient temperatures, and there were concerns that this could interrupt broadcasting if the site’s management team didn’t make the right call.

Faced with the prospect of a very damaging loss, it was left to our PAC mobile air conditioning units to save the day with a match-winning performance. Crisis averted!

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