Blog16 June 2023

What’s been happening in Europe this month? May/June

This month – like every month(!) – our teams across the Group have been actively involved in various projects across Europe, catering to the diverse needs of our clients. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening:

Full marks to our engineers this exam season
We understand the importance of maintaining an optimal temperature during exams without causing distractions. When the estates team of an all-boys school reached out to us for cooling solutions, we swiftly responded to their needs. Thanks to our Polar Wind units, we were able to efficiently cool the exam rooms while preserving the comfort and concentration of students. We are proud to support the future of the UK through via our reliable solutions, and it won’t be long before we’re providing similar equipment during graduation season!

Ciao Toscana! Another step forward in Italy
Our growth in Italy has been phenomenal, and last month, we proudly announced the opening of our new depot in Tuscany. With this expansion, we now operate four depots across the country, which is a testament to our successful business model and outstanding reputation. The increased demand for our hire services throughout Italy prompted us to establish a dedicated depot in Tuscany, allowing us to continue delivering exceptional service and reaching new heights of success. We extend our gratitude to our team members whose dedication has contributed to our rapid growth and solidified our position in the Italian rental market.

Two up for Switzerland
The Climat Location/Klima Mieten team is thrilled to announce the opening of our second depot in Switzerland – this time in Zurich. The rising demand for our hire services in the German-speaking part of Switzerland necessitated a local presence to provide first-class service to our customers in the region. Situated close to industrial and office buildings, our new location enables us to operate even more efficiently in Zurich, Baden, Winterthur, St Gallen, Lucerne, Bern, and Basel. With immediate delivery, 365-day support, and unrivalled customer service, we are ready to serve our customers this summer season and beyond.

Chillers provide lift support to Belgian hospital
Last month, we reached a very significant milestone in Belgium, following the successful conclusion of a long-term chiller hire at a hospital in Genk. In total, seven chillers were provided to the client – the largest project that we have undertaken in Belgium in terms of units used – and we look forward to our blossoming reputation yielding similar jobs in the near future.

Setting sail in style and comfort
Our commitment to meeting the unique needs of French customer remains unwavering, regardless of how unconventional they may be. One particular client was looking to upgrade their yacht’s flooring, cabinets, storage areas, and plumbing, while contending with soaring temperatures that often exceeded 20 degrees in southern France. To alleviate the intense indoor heat and provide a comfortable working environment for employees, we swiftly delivered and installed a high-performance HPAC90 air conditioning unit. It was strategically positioned on the shore, with ducting expertly utilised to circulate fresh air throughout the hull and other areas. Bravo!

Delivering a breath of fresh air to Dutch biological treatment plant
In the Netherlands, we faced a unique challenge at a sewage treatment plant operated by a big name in the industry. Good extraction and ventilation were crucial to maintaining a safe environment and preventing unpleasant odours – which is where our Dutch colleagues came in! We provided several FV900S2 fans, as well as hoses and fans, to divert and extract air from odour filters. By ensuring the safe entry of the buildings and limiting unpleasant odours, we were able to join forces with the client to fulfil a shared goal and ultimate customer satisfaction!