Blog28 September 2023

What has happened in Europe this summer?

Quick response prevents server room overheating
When a chiller unexpectedly failed at a data centre on Neeltje Jans island, temperatures began to rise rapidly inside critical server rooms. Our team promptly arrived within 4 hours to evaluate the situation and supply an effective cooling hire package. The swift deployment of AC units helped stabilise the environment and averted disruption to regional lock management operations.

Customised cooling for historic gala venue
With extreme temperatures looming, advanced planning was critical to keep guests comfortable at a VIP political dinner in a historic lakefront château near Geneva. Given the site’s unique architecture and power constraints, a customised arrangement was required. Using extensive expertise designing bespoke temporary climate solutions, we strategically installed specialised rooftop fans to maintain continuous airflow throughout the prestigious event.

High-capacity cooling brings elegance to Milanese ball
In Milan, we delivered optimal cooling for an elegant debutante ball in a grand military barracks setting. To sustain comfortable temperatures within the spacious marquee, our team set up powerful HPAC rooftop AC units along the perimeter. Extended ductwork circulated the cool air, creating an ideal setting for the glamorous occasion.

United Kingdom
New services streamline fuel management
The UK recently announced an extension of our highly-regarded fuel management services this summer, with a range of more advanced telemetry systems now available to customers. Offering monitoring, scheduled delivery, compliance, upkeep and more, these new offerings simplify operations by handing over all fuel-related responsibilities to experts like us. Customers benefit from enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and reduced downtime.

Exceptional team provides unparalleled service
Our talented team in Belgium deliver unrivalled customer service to customers across the country – and we’re proud to document this! A new video offers a behind-the-scenes look at their dedication and skill urgently responding to emergencies and designing tailored rental solutions. Their commitment allows us to deliver a best-in-class experience to businesses from all industries, and we’ve been showcasing that once again this summer.