Blog6 March 2024

What has been happening at ASG in Europe lately?

UK The UK launched a new and improved Andrews Sykes website at   After months of hard work, the UK website has now modernised our online presence to better serve both our customers and employees.   The updated website features an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easier for customers to locate information, view our units and request quotes.     Italy A retirement home in Italy recently had its boiler break down, leaving residents without heat or hot water in the cold winter months. They urgently contacted our company, Andrews Sykes Group, for an emergency heating solution. Given the emergency situation, we swiftly proposed renting two mobile boiler units mounted on trailers.   These wheeled boilers can be connected to vehicles for rapid deployment. With a powerful capacity of 100 kW each, they quickly restored the heating system and hot water production. As the units are completely self-contained and diesel powered, we provided fuel tanks and will handle refuelling.   This allowed the nursing home to focus on fixing their permanent boiler, while ensuring continuous comfort for their residents. The nursing home was grateful for the swift emergency action restoring normal service in a difficult situation.     Germany Our new German business has kicked off well, with portable heaters from Klima Mieten providing comfort during a lingerie photo shoot.   When a renowned lingerie company needed heaters for an upcoming photoshoot, they reached out to us to make sure their models stayed comfortable in front of the camera. Although a model's glamorous life looks simple, long hours on set can make them feel chilly.   The company planned a one-day shoot to showcase their new collection and wanted focused, wearable warmth for the models between shoots. Our team provided three 25 kW electric heaters with adjustable outlet nozzles that allowed for precise placement of heat. The highly manoeuvrable yet robust devices were moved across the set to deliver radiant heat exactly where it was needed.     Switzerland In the construction sector, it is imperative to be operational throughout the year across the world, and sometimes 24 hours a day. This implies the possibility of working in poor weather conditions.   That's why we have always stood by construction companies worldwide to ensure that all workers are protected from the elements and that projects are completed on time. As specialists in Switzerland, we can meet all the needs of the sector by providing powerful, safe and reliable heating equipment. As in a recent case where, on a construction site in Lausanne, we supplied two DE190 electric heaters to maintain a pleasant temperature.   This is already the third contract we have signed with the company in question, and we are very proud that the management continues to trust us. In this case, the machines will be rented for three weeks.