Blog18 July 2012

Will the weather hold out during London Olympics 2012?

We are getting incredibly excited about the Olympics here at Andrews Sykes. The prospect of the best athletes in the world performing right on our doorstep is an enticing one and we look forward to cheering the Brits on throughout the games.

However, there is one thing we’re worried about – the inevitable overcast days and torrential downpours that come with hosting such a prestigious tournament on our shores. Britain’s climate is temperamental to say the least, and we worry for those who are not accustomed to the standard of weather in our beautiful country.

Of course, we want Britain to be presented in its best possible light during the games, but unless fate decides we deserve the best summer since records began, people may just find it’s more than Olympic diver Tom Daley that’s getting a soaking.

So, we decided to put an infographic together, so those who have bought tickets know what the chances of rain, sunshine and obligatory grey skies are. Take a look, and be sure to wish our athletes luck for this year’s Olympic games. To be honest, we’ll probably need it…

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London Weather and the Olympics – An infographic by the team at Andrews Air Conditioning