Blog30 May 2024

We provide temporary marquee heating for outdoor events and parties

As the evenings can still be quite cool during the spring and autumn months, Andrews Heat for Hire is here to ensure your outdoor event remains comfortable and enjoyable for all your guests. We offer a comprehensive temporary heating solution that will keep your party or celebration warm and cosy, no matter the temperature outside.

Recently, we had the pleasure of providing our heating services for a 40th birthday party at  a picturesque castle. The customer had set up a marquee on the castle grounds, creating an elegant outdoor venue for their celebration. However, with the potential for chilly evening temperatures, they needed a reliable heating solution to keep their guests comfortable throughout the night.

Our team from the Doncaster depot sprang into action, supplying three powerful heaters and three diesel tanks, complete with fuel lines and heating ducting. We delivered and carefully carried the equipment to the event site, ensuring a seamless installation process.

Our experienced technicians worked closely with the customer to set up the heating units according to their specific requirements. The strategic placement of the heaters and ducting ensured that every corner of the marquee created a warm and inviting atmosphere, allowing the guests to relax and enjoy the festivities as the sun went down without worrying about the cold.

With our temporary heating solution in place, the 40th birthday party at the castle was an overwhelming success. The guests remained comfortable throughout the evening, creating lasting memories in a warm and welcoming environment.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or any other outdoor celebration, we have the expertise and equipment to keep you and your guests comfortable, no matter the weather.

Contact us today to learn more about our temporary heating solutions on 0800 211 611.