Blog29 July 2013

We did wonder if the party had started a bit early at Glasto…

When we were asked to provide pumping advice and equipment during the driest period for many years, it all seemed a bit surreal

When the festival’s specialist electrical contractor approached us to provide expertise and pumping equipment to build a waterfall feature for the 2013 Glastonbury Festival, we were delighted to step in and assist.

As you can see, the end result is spectacular, even for the more, er, sober minded of us

We built a purpose made manifold attached to a PX 12 submersible pump and control panel, all of which helped to create a very effective and practical approach to what was, initially, quite a challenging requirement – most of the time Sykes Pumps is asked to meet purely functional criteria – something more ‘aesthetic’ is slightly unusual. Festivals like Glasto often create a demand for flooding and rainwater dispersal, as newspapers are fond of showing, as well as some less pleasant aspects of colourful music festival life – so this made a really interesting change

Apparently the feature served as a great meeting point, day and night, and a lot of pictures were taken posed in front of the backdrop – some may even have been in focus and with the subject’ in shot’ and upright. No doubt plenty included a glass held aloft. The site engineer was apparently ‘over the moon’ – which we trust is just a figure of speech, not a reflection on his enthusiastic participation at the festival

Success means we will be asked to get involved next year – and the queue has already started to form of our engineers willing to spend a long weekend ‘on site’ to make sure all is well – hardly necessary, given the reliability of our kit, but very understandable