Blog27 December 2013

Water purification process speeds up using Sykes Pumps

A well-known UK water authority recently undertook some reconstruction work on its water purification system. The system currently in place involves the use of drainage sumps. Drainage sumps are made up of stones that line a small brook where sewage flows through as part of the filtration process. The lining of the brook needed re-building as micro creatures attach to the stones and eat the sewage; these micro creatures are bad for the purification system.

Pump used at drainage sump site

A GP100 on site near a drainage sump.

During this reconstruction Sykes Pumps were called in order to help pump away the dirty water during the renovation process. Our pump specialist had to act quickly in order to supply the correct equipment, as when contacted the client needed the equipment delivering within a few hours. An out of hour’s service was provided and delivery was promptly arranged. The specialist provided the site with three PC2001 Submersible pumps, two GP100M Diesel pumps and one Wispa set 100MM. A settlement tank and road ramp was also provided. The process to wash the stones commenced as fresh water was pumped onto the stones to clean them and then the pumps pumped away the dirty sewerage water. The application was successful and the pumps will remain on hire for a 12 week period.