Blog29 November 2023

Warming hearts and facilities following school boiler breakdown

We recently received an urgent call from an autistic children’s school in North Wales. A devastating fire had damaged their biomass boiler system, leaving the school without critical heating and hot water – and just as temperatures began dropping! Naturally, restoring operations was imperative to protect students amid the cold weather.

The Challenges:

Arriving on-site, we faced two major obstacles:

The current boiler system suffered severe fire damage and required complete replacement. The school needed ample heating capacity to serve the entire facility.

A fence dispute resulted in new barriers erected outside the gates, blocking access to the boiler house. Our installation would need to work around this obstruction.

Our Solution:

After assessing options, we recommended a 300kW rental boiler with 3,000-litre fuel tank and telemetry monitoring. This would provide sufficient power and remote fuel oversight.

Given the emergency timeline, we immediately expedited quoting, purchase orders and delivery for the fastest possible installation. Our technicians arrived at 8:00 AM the very next day to begin work. By carefully maneuvering the temporary boiler components, we successfully installed the full system without touching the fence barrier. Heat was restored facility-wide by 1:00 PM.


  • 300kW rental boiler solution delivered and installed within a 24-hour timeframe
  • Urgently restored schoolwide heating system despite site access challenges
  • Protected student health and safety during cold weather through prompt response

Via resourceful solutions and high levels of reactivity, we take pride in supporting schools and other essential institutions when needs are greatest. Even under difficult circumstances, our team goes the extra mile for the community. Our customer service and technical expertise make us leading specialists for emergency heating requests and complex situations.