Blog28 April 2010

Ventilation Doesn’t Get Any Cooler Than This!

Andrews Sykes has just supplied a ventilation hire solution to enable the production of a spectacular advertising campaign for the new Audi R8 Spyder.

More than 20 vintage cars, some more than 70 years old, snort and growl around the ExCel centre in London while a professional driver weaves the £111,995 Spyder through them like a non-contact version of bumper cars on the gleaming white floor of the centre.

Martyn Day managed the project whilst Shahid Rahman organised the supply of 6  ventilation/extraction fans with all the ducting needed to dilute the air and produce enough airflow to comply with Health and Safety regulations. The whitewashed floor – a vast space measuring 150m by 80m – took eight people two days to paint. It is now covered in a spaghetti of tyre marks and was touched up in post-production! Check out the final result above.