Blog2 October 2013

Ventilation Blast for Steel Manufacturer

A global steel producer urgently needed the help of Andrews Sykes recently. Valuable time was being wasted trying to cool their furnace from a sweltering 875°C down to a bearable 30°C. It was taking several days to lower the temperature, preventing it from being safe enough for people to work inside during the plant’s shut down period.

Our industrial services experts from Andrews Ventilation Hire recommended the use of a FV300, a robust ventilation extraction fan. This fan can be used in a range of environments, is fully portable and has a very high capacity. It was used with ducting to force the hot air out of hatches at each end of the furnace.

The effects after installation were almost instant. After 24 hours the temperature had radically dropped to 300°C, and within 48 hours the temperature was lowered down to 30°C, saving the client time, money and energy.