Blog6 May 2016

United Kingdom temperatures set to eclipse Ibiza

Much of the country is preparing for a mini-heatwave in May after the Met Office warned people to expect scorching conditions nationwide. After weeks of mild temperatures and rain, it would appear it’s finally time for UK residents to abandon their winter wardrobes.

It has been suggested that temperatures in London could well exceed 23°C in the coming days; some 7°C hotter than the average for this time of year. Compare this with Istanbul (20°C) and the Balearic Islands (18°C) – locations more renowned for their sweltering climate – and you get an indication of how unusual the forthcoming warm weather is in May.

Met Office forecaster Emma Boorman said: “On Monday (May 9th), the temperature is going to be a couple of degrees above what we would have expected.

“As we go into the middle and later stages of the week we start to bring in a south-easterly breeze allowing some warmer temperatures to arrive in the UK. By Friday and Saturday we are looking at temperatures in the high twenties.”

This assertion underlines the importance of being prepared for the impending heat, particularly as it is expected to be even hotter at the height of summer.

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