Blog9 April 2014

Underground vault in London requires pumping

An underground vault in Camden, North London, required draining after a five-year build-up of water left the premises flooded. The vault itself was located beneath a railway line which subsequently made it difficult to access. As well as convenience issues, the site had no power whatsoever so conditions were pitch black – meaning an external source was required in order to carry out necessary work.

The closest a Sykes Pumps technician could station a generator was 100 metres away from the pumps, so electric cable was also provided to power the pumps along with temporary lighting towers. Two P2001N submersible drainage pumps were deployed in the vault, pumping away large quantities of water via hoses we supplied.

In total, the project was expected to last five weeks but the system was so effective the client opted to keep our equipment on site indefinitely. They were very happy with the solution we designed and implemented because it enabled the vault to become a fully-functioning storage area once again.