Blog31 July 2015

UK temperatures set for sharp rise as Andrews Air Conditioning release new infographic

Despite a slight temperature lull towards the back end of July, experts have predicted a return to the 30°C heat that swept the nation earlier this summer. Britain is now expected to compete with a Mediterranean climate after a somewhat unwanted period of stormy weather saw a month’s worth of rain fall in just 24 hours.

In light of these forecasted improvements, Andrews Air Conditioning have produced another interactive infographic displaying various obscure facts related to temperatures on these shores and beyond. To access it, simply click the image below.

Did you know for example, that the highest recorded temperature in the UK is a sweltering 101.3°F logged in Faversham, Kent, just over a decade ago? This is however still considerably cooler than the 118.4°F once chronicled in Athens back in 1977.

The above tool outlines some of the more eye-opening statistics verified by people in the industry whilst highlighting the potential impact of heatwaves and temperature surges.

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