Blog3 January 2017

UK faced with weather warnings as temperatures plummet to -5C

After a fairly mild start to winter, the UK is now expected to be hit by crippling conditions and widespread snowfall – with experts predicting weeks of chaos.

Temperatures have already fallen below freezing across many parts of the country, prompting the Met Office to release a yellow ice warning for a number of northern cities.

Piercing Scandinavian winds have brought successive shivering nights following the turn of the year, triggering an extreme temperature drop that could leave Britain colder than Moscow and Greenland over the next 10 days.

Forecasters have advised that local and national transport networks are likely to be affected, with severe snowfall set to strike by mid-January.

Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction, explained: “Towards the second half of the month, extreme cold will develop with bitter gales which could be damaging at times. Blizzards across all parts will then become limited to the Midlands and eastern England.

“It will remain very cold until the end of January with further north-easterly gales – temperatures for January are likely to come in well below normal.”

The unwelcome weather update comes at a time when schools are re-opening after the Christmas break, with most people also now returning to work following time off over the festive period.

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