Blog23 February 2018

UK braced for ‘coldest day in five years’ with Siberian polar vortex set to strike

Weather experts are predicting the arrival of significant snowfall as a freezing whirlwind – dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’ – makes its way over from North Asia.

And the Met Office has warned UK citizens to take precautions ahead of the impending cold snap, even airing concerns about temperature-related illnesses causing further strain on the country’s health services.

Brent Walker, Chief Meteorologist, said: “There is potential for this cold spell to be the coldest for several years in the south.

“It will continue very cold through next week. Snow showers are likely in many places, heaviest and most frequent in eastern and some central areas.”

He continued: “Some spells of more prolonged snow are likely, especially in the east, and particularly later next week, across southern areas. Some locally significant snowfalls are likely although details will remain uncertain until much nearer the event.

“Strong winds will make it feel bitterly cold at times. Widespread, locally severe frosts are likely. The cold weather will continue into early March, with the northwest seeing the best of any brighter weather.”

Lows of -10°C are forecasted to hit early next week, which is also expected to have implications on the country’s public transport network due to disruption caused by snow.

Fortunately, there is still time to prepare for the stark drop in temperature and ensure your business activity remains unaffected.

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