Blog7 November 2013

Tony Robbins stays inspirationally cool with Andrews Air Conditioning

Tony Robbins, famous American motivational speaker performed for over 50 hours across a weekend at Earls Court in London. The orator often performs at Ted Conferences, seminars and regularly features in major media including Time, Newsweek, Forbes, GQ and BusinessWeek. Tony spends up to 11 hours a day on the stage therefore air conditioning hire was essential to cool him down over the weekend.

An Andrews Air Conditioning specialist visited the venue, determining that six Pac 60 units were required along with a generator and fuel tank. The indoor AC units were connected to the heat exchangers, which were positioned externally, via 30 meters of flexible connection lines fitted with quick action connectors. The cool air was ducted from the air conditioning unit towards the front of the stage. The end of the ducting was connected to a plate which directed cool air upwards, creating a curtain of cold air around the stage. The events team were extremely pleased with the units operation and they successfully kept Tony Robbins cool at all times. Andrews Air Conditioning offer portable cooling solutions at various exhibitions and events. If you would like to discuss your requirements please call 0800 211 611.