Blog18 December 2023

The late shift: Our pumps work while the city sleeps

As a facilities management provider relying on a steady stream of water tankers, our customer required an automated pumping solution to transfer delivered waste from drop-off skips up into the main holding tanks. With trucks arriving day and night to service the community, an set-and-forget solution was needed.

A customer who  manages waste collection and transportation for a network of commercial and residential buildings. Water tankers visit the centralised depot to dispose of hauled waste in on-site skip bins which then feed into the primary storage tanks.

This depot is unmanned during night time hours when many haulers arrive. Without staff to manually operate pump equipment between the skip collection point and main tanks, the customer sought a heavy-duty automated pumping system to reliably keep the flow moving. Any failure or jam would lead to unwanted overflows and cleanup costs.

After conducting a free site survey our sales engineers recommended one of our 4″ Super Silent self-priming pumps along with a float switch starter kit. As tankers tip loads into the skip, the float detects rising liquid levels and automatically kicks on the pump as needed to transfer liquid up into storage. This allows 100% hands-free, unmanned waste transfer 24/7.

This pump is designed for max durability, able to handle solids, fibers, and debris in the waste flow while resisting corrosion. Soundproofing also reduces noise pollution – critical for the residential area.

With a smart, resilient pumping solution from Sykes Pumps, the facility staff can now focus their efforts on core operations rather than monitoring after-hours tank levels and pump status.