Blog22 October 2019

The importance of climate control in data centres

Designed to serve as a centralised location where the purpose of sharing, processing, storing and collecting of data is the main priority, data centres feature several core components that enable them to function efficiently. A data centre centralises just about every single aspect of a company’s IT operation, storing and disseminating information accordingly. Running 24/7, the safety and reliability of websites, email clients, online communities, social media platforms, e-commerce transactions, cloud applications and software are all dependent on a data centre’s uninterrupted functionality.

Consisting of a network infrastructure, various connectivity equipment such as server racks, storage, routers and switches all work in tandem with one another to ensure a safe and reliable means of connectivity and access between a large number of users across multiple locations. As well as the equipment required for networking, the computing hardware responsible for delivering such large amounts of processing power are critical to the overall running of the operation. This equipment consists of central processing units (CPU) clusters, graphics processing units (GPU), memory, and local storage. This is given further protection by the means of back-up storage and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in the event of an electrical disturbance or outage.

As these computing devices process large amounts of data at exceptionally high speed, a significant amount of heat is built up and must be removed from the system. While these computing components are primarily reliant upon fans and other means of cooling to ensure continued operation, the environment in which this equipment is installed must also be kept at an exceptionally low temperature and at a specific level of humidity. The importance of controlling the environment and responding to the needs of customers where their equipment is concerned should always be of the highest precedence – and that’s something we acknowledge. It’s from this understanding that our range of chillers and dehumidifying units are designed and developed, ensuring they deliver the standards and features our customers require.

Recognised in the field as having extensive industry knowledge accrued over many years, our engineers are fully trained in analysing problems and providing a solution that’s best suited to the application at hand. As the UK’s leading supplier of chiller systems, Andrews is able to supply suitable cooling equipment at short notice. This commitment to the data centre sector is backed up by an offer of free site survey analysis, competitive pricing, immediate delivery and a 24/7 contingency service. Our range of fluid chillers work best in combination with our fan coils and can achieve cooling capacities that are far lower than would normally be required in a typical data centre. Our new 250kW fluid chiller, for example, is a robust and quiet unit able to deliver adequate climate control for multi-storey server rooms and large data centres. Our expansive chiller hire range guarantees that we can develop a solution for your particular requirement, regardless of scale.

All Andrews chillers can be connected to units from our modern range of air handlers, ensuring a localised distribution of cool air to identified hot spots. Air fan coil units can deliver significant volumes and are seamlessly connected to a chiller via lengths of ducting. Fan coils and air handlers are also lightweight and manoeuvrable allowing for easier installation, with capacities ranging between 15kW and 300kW achievable from a single unit. At Andrews, we examine the best possible solution prior to deployment and ensure that a customer’s budget, space availability and cooling requirements are identified in the first instance. By conducting a site survey at the earliest possible opportunity, our engineers will be able to configure an air conditioning arrangement that takes all variables into consideration beforehand. It is also possible for us to connect a chiller or air conditioning unit to an existing system in scenarios where a client’s own equipment has been temporarily decommissioned for repairs or maintenance.

Naturally, seasonal temperature changes often exacerbate an already warm environment which renders it necessary to take extra precautions during the build-up to summer. During this period especially, it is imperative that you ascertain that the cooling equipment you have in place is performing as expected. If that’s not the case, or you need additional units to supplement those already on site, then contact us immediately. Where data centres are concerned, there is simply no margin for error given the stark implications of a breakdown or outage. The cost of downtime can quickly reach tens of thousands of pounds and with reputational damage, business inactivity and data loss among the unwanted side effects, you cannot afford to take any risks with your climate control.

To discuss a potential cooling requirement with a trained expert, or to book a site survey for a data centre for which you are responsible, call us today on 0800 211 611. At Andrews, we have a genuine expertise in the field of telecommunications and can tailor a bespoke air conditioning or chiller hire solution to suit your unique specifications.