Blog8 March 2023

The future is here: We’re redefining the pump hire industry!

It is with great excitement that we announce the introduction of two products that could alter the landscape of the pump hire industry.

From today, we can proudly offer customers two variations of the groundbreaking Variable Performance wastewater submersible pump – billed by the manufacturer as the world’s first pumping system of its kind to incorporate integrated intelligence.

What does this mean?

Sykes Pumps’ continual evolution goes hand in hand with exploring new possibilities to push traditional boundaries when it comes to innovation. Our Variable Performance pumps truly break new ground, featuring previously unseen software functions and cutting-edge hardware.

One product, limitless potential

Combining a fully integrated control system with IE4 motor efficiency (Super Premium Efficiency), Variable Performance models offer a unique synergy between components – all with the purpose of reducing ownership costs, electricity use and risk of clogging, while simultaneously maximising reliability and longevity.

The numbers

80% – Inventory required on a typical project can be reduced by as much as 80%, due to the Variable Performance pump’s flexible performance. By selecting a Variable Performance unit, you can also reduce the need for a large back-up fleet. Previously rigid performance curves can be replaced by a much broader range of possibilities, all of which can be changed on site or remotely.

70% – Energy savings of up to 70% are achievable when compared with conventional alternatives.

Other features and benefits

  • Variable Performance pumps are ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas.
  • All models are performance tested to ISO 9906:2012 for pumps with less than 10kW input power.
  • Variable Performance units include advanced motor protection, which incorporates a leakage detector unit (FLS) to monitor leakage in the stator housing.
  • Our pump units are fitted with an impeller suitable for solids handling and are primarily designed for use on wastewater applications.


Chris Graham, Sales Director at Sykes Pumps, is under no illusion that Variable Performance units could potentially change the way the industry thinks about wastewater submersible pumping solutions.

He said: “I’m delighted that we are once again able to supply our customers with something that shows real innovation – and there’s no doubt that this type of system should feature heavily in future years.

“The technical specifications are phenomenal in their own right, but the single biggest advantage of these pumps is that they abolish the requirement for multiple units on projects where duties could conceivably change several times.

“Where you may ordinarily have needed to hire three different pumps to accommodate a variation in flows and heads, it is now often possible to tackle the requirement with a single unit.

“The effects of this speak for themselves, with significantly lower acquisition costs, reduced energy consumption and fewer logistical challenges all pointing to Variable Performance pumps definitively influencing our market sector.”

At Sykes Pumps, we currently offer two Variable Performance models – a VP80 version and a VP100 version – and these are available in our esteemed rental fleet with immediate effect.