Blog5 January 2024

The call for warmth from a supermarket in need of a space heater hire

When the call came in, our engineers learned that this particular retailer had never installed permanent heating. Relying on their low-output air handling unit, store temperatures plunged as low as 5°C – not conducive to a pleasant shopping experience! Their shivering staff had to wear winter coats and hats while customers rushed through their extensive lists to escape the cold as quickly as possible. That’s until we turned up, of course!

Something had to be one before the business iced over entirely.

With the site survey completed the same day as the call, installation of the temporary heating solution began just hours later. To quickly warm the expansive retail space, a powerful FH2000 heater was ducted directly into the existing air handler, distributing heat via the building’s vents. A large outdoor 3,000-litre fuel tank sustained comfortable internal temperatures while the unit was in operation.

temporary heating solutions

The retailer was thrilled this was the first time they felt warm since the shop first opened in February 2023. By banishing the cold with powerful heating and rapid response, we retained their clientele and safeguarded their business.

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